Diversity and Inclusion Regional Team

The Diversity & Inclusion Team: Ibis (Team Leader), Monika, Jana, Hamady, Sian and Marguerite together with the Dialog for Peace Team: Jon, Maja, Oana, Anca, Graham and Nikola, started the journey together and in the first part of the triennium really grew as a team. They managed to take part in different WOSM events like the Academy, Jota/Joti, etc. and their own Diversity dinner. 

The team managed to adapt its work and also create a recommendation paper (reel) on ensuring the inclusive participation of scouts with different backgrounds in Home Scouting. Furthermore, the Gender Equality sub team, successfully kicked off the SFGE project, engaging 21 participants in more sub- serve gender related topics and how to address them through good project management and best practices. This resulted in 12 NSO’s implementing a project towards gender equality in their own countries.

The Dialogue for Peace Team (D4P), successfully delivered workshops and online dialogue cafe’s which became a regular occurrence on most regional events. Also, the members of the team created a starting point for the Mentor program to reach out to more Dialogue Ambassadors (those who attended D4P training) and help them deliver D4P content to grassroots level. There is also a team library with all sessions prepared for delivery and more materials are being created for online distribution in 2021. 

The challenge at the beginning was to onboard the team and to find the best way to work together and keep track of the work. After pivoting a couple of ways of working they found the one that suits them the most. Other challenges were related to the motivation of the Team and delivering the online dialogue cafe’s as the desired effect may not have been reached. But as all other events and activities which were also held online these events were accepted quite well.

Feel free to take a look of some of the outputs from the Diversity & Inclusion Teams: